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Have you been working at home for a while with a particular company? Are you still in the same position where you started or have you made upward career progress? If you haven’t moved forward, a few changes might be in order. It could involve stepping out of your comfort zone so be prepared.

When you begin working at home, you have specific reasons for doing so. Working from home lowers your overhead expenses, like saving on petrol and wear and tear on your car.

If you want to continue at home work, staying at the same level where you started is not very appealing. So, how can you move up within the company and/or gain skills to make you more marketable when you are ready to change jobs?

Making the Hard Change

One of the suggested criteria for choosing at home jobs and careers is your interests. They get you in the door of companies you believe you will be happy to work for. After a while though restlessness might set in. what more can be done to spark renewed interest in your career? It requires moving away from what you know towards new skills.

It is a fact that additional skills can make you more marketable to employers who are looking for employees that can provide efficiency and improved productivity on several levels.

Here are a few tips to guide your pursuit of a more in-depth career experience.

What is needed for advancement?

What types of jobs are listed on the job boards online and within the company you currently do at home work for? If you don’t possess those skills, maybe it is time to consider where you can go to acquire them to further your skills and upskil.

Am I motivated enough?

If you want motivation, take a look at the salary that is offered for higher level positions. Those who have the ability to do more are more valuable to employers. It makes more sense to pay one person more money to do several jobs instead of trying to find several people to perform one job each. Even with all this information, the ball won’t move forward without your initiative.

Push beyond your comfort zone

Learning new skills is never easy. But, who says that you can’t learn if you really want to? Give it a try. Take a class. Sign up for a webinar. Look for free seminars or online learning opportunities.

Know your limits however. If you have small kids and need to work full time, it would be quite difficult to go to study full time as well. Choose options for career development that fit your lifestyle. Making choices manageable will sustain your commitment and motivation.

Ready for more money and responsibility in your at home job?

Take that first step out of your comfort zone and the very best of luck.

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