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It’s a scandal tearing the work at home mum world apart – two of Australia’s largest parenting blogs, The Organised Housewife and  Stay At Home Mum, have gone to war over  domain name URLs.

If you missed it (which seems hard to believe anyone missed it with it exploding nationally) check out the original message here



and the Stay At Home Mum responses here

And here. Stay At Home Mum has since responded by posting this video on her Facebook page saying that her only error was trusting advice given to her by business advisors. Fans were not pleased with this.

Now, Work At Home Mums has gained exclusive access to 74 of the “parked” domains. I am sharing this as people wanted to know, what domains they owned. It is public knowledge, so with a little research, I came up with 73 of them. I hope that this list restores some calm.

I know for a fact that there are some very popular ones missing from the list and today they have been hidden from public view. Some more sneaky tactics perhaps? I hope not.

These domains were registered in the name of two of the directors of Stay at Home Mum, Jody Allen and Chris Gryg.

URLs registered in the name of Stay at Home Mum Director, Jody Allen


URLs Registered in the name of Stay at Home Mum Director Chris Gryg

With some rather conspicuous names missing from the list (Chris Gryg has admitted to registering the URL we must ask, how many lists are there?

How many URLs have been registered in other names on behalf of the Stay at Home Mum brand?

Why did Stay at Home Mum employees do this?

Domain parking (or squatting) is an illegal practice where a company buys up a number of URLs with no intention of ever using them for business purposes.  It’s very hard to enforce, especially in a case like this where the registering brand has a similar business to the registered name.

Until a few years back, owning a domain that contained keywords offered a bump in search engine results but this is not really the case these days.  So what is the real reason?

When approached to return the URLs to the brands registered in those names, Chris Gryg reportedly offered to rent them back for a weekly fee or sell them for $20,000 or more.  This may be the real reason behind the registration of all these domains, who knows!

Domain names and cybersquatting

There is no specific anti-cyber squatting legislation in Australia, but such actions may constitute trademark infringement, passing off or breach of the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth) (“TPA”). In Australia cybersquatting is usually dealt with under misleading or deceptive conduct rather than trade mark infringement. Source: Law Handbook

How to protect your URL from unscrupulous companies

I spoke to Dana Flannery, CEO of WAHM Business, Talk About Creative this afternoon for her expert advice.

She says “It’s an easy oversight – registering your and not pursuing the .com version or vice-versa.  Those should be the minimum you register but you can consider variations including .net and .info.  Also consider variations in spelling or with articles or prepositions.  For that $100 or so a year, you could be saving yourself a world of heartache, and possibly large fees down the track!”

My Two Bob’s Worth

I have been following this since last night and have not commented yet. I commented on the SAHM page and my comments were deleted.

I am so very very sad this has happened to all involved. And I hope it gets resolved soon and the social media backlash stops and calm is restored.

I have been on both sides of the fence here

On one side, I have a huge domain name portfolio, however they are all relevant to my business. I own more domain names than I do shoes.  I buy and sell domain names all the time. I have a hair brained new business idea ephiphany at midnight and I buy the domain name the next morning.  Some ideas are tried, some fail, some I just hang on to.

I have done this for years. I have paid ALOT of money for some domains names that I really wanted and I have also sold some domain names that have certainly made me some pocket money in the past.

On the other side, I have also been held to ransom by domain squatters, copy cats and internet leeches. I have spent a lot of money on legal and IP costs over the years and I buy every domain name extension, dash and dots that may be related to my business, as I learnt the hard way about unscrupulous operators that want to steal your web traffic.

PR Disaster

This is a PR disaster for SAHM and they need to go into major damage control. They now run the risk of losing their Fans, their Advertisers and their $3M in investor funding to go global. I hope that they can recover quickly, restore calm and move on.

Social Media is a public Forum, NEVER delete opinions or comments – you are seriously making matters worse by doing this. The Villagers get angry.

Chris Gryg, what have you done?

What have you done? Laughing about this on Twitter, serve yourself right, you have been stood down as CEO. What a mess you have gotten SAHM into, what on earth were you thinking? You have certainly learnt your lesson the hard way.

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Update: 19 June

A message on the SAHM page – Once again I would like to thank all of our wonderful followers for your messages of support. We have contacted three business owners. The Domains of these companies have been redirected to their sites. We are currently in discussions with these parties to facilitate the transfer of these domains, no money will be changing hands during this process. If you have been affected directly please contact us. Well done SAHM

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