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We have all heard of the term, “shining example”, right?  Well, what exactly does it entail when it comes to being in business?

I have been giving that question a bit of thought since cracking open the bottle of champagne on New Year’s Eve.  After all, like you, I too want to have a bumper year and I want to do as well as I possibly can in my business.

And no doubt, you can relate.

In my opinion, setting the intention of shining this year will help all of us achieve the objectives we have for when it comes to our businesses.

women stand out and shine

Here’s what I think it means to shine as business women:

  • LOVE what we do and be grateful for that:  When we love what we do, it just doesn’t seem like work at all.  We have fun, we’re happy and we get up each day with a spring in our step, eager to see what opportunities present themselves.  When we love what we do and are truly grateful for it, we open ourselves up to receiving the good things that come our way, i.e. the new clients, the new leads, the new opportunities, etc.
  • LOVE and appreciate who you really are:  Be appreciative for all the great things that make you who you are.  Take the time to really appreciate that, and take care of yourself through good eating, good exercise and relaxation.  It will refresh you and prepare you for the success that is out there waiting for you!  It will also attract all the people and opportunities you’ll ever need to succeed.
  • See the good in our clients and customers:  If we take the time to see the good in our clients and customers, we will provide them with exceptional levels of customer service and satisfaction.  Take some extra time to chat with your clients and customers to find out exactly what they want from our products or services.  See them as people and validate their needs.  Aim to go above and beyond, so they not only return to your business, but go and tell the world about the shining service they received from you.
  • See the good in our competitors:  Often, the business world is a dog-eat-dog one.  People seem to do anything to beat the other to the golden egg – and sometimes, at almost any cost.  The internet as well can be a fertile ground for backstabbing and gossip.  When you become a shining example, you realise that this sort of behaviour never results in anything good coming to fruition.  If anything, the karma will come back tenfold.  That’s why it’s essential to always see the good, even in our competitors.  How is that possible though?  That’s linked to my next point.
  • Realise that abundance is all around:  We live in an abundant universe where opportunity really does abound.  There is no such thing as competition when we subscribe to a belief in abundance, as opposed to scarcity.  There is more than enough to go around for everybody – for you, for your competitors – for everybody.

Love what you do, love who you are and love your clients, customers and competitors.  It may sound airy-fairy and feel goody, however it’s absolutely true.  When you give out love, when you give out positivity and when you truly shine, the universe shines on you too.


Sharing is caring!