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Some people think they’ve got it made when they score a job to work from home. Think about it. You can work in your pajamas without bothering to look presentable unlesss you’re doing a video conference.

There are also benefits like avoiding that awful commute and getting that extra hour of sleep that always seemed to evade you when you were still an office employee. Your time in your hands and it really sounds heavenly.

But the novelty can and will surely wear off. At some point, you will find yourself with too much time in your hands and then, boredom will set in. To make matters worse, most of your friends won’t be available to socialize with you because they’re all working. You have to wait until their lunch or coffee break before they can see you.

At this point, you might find yourself unexpectedly yearning to go back to the office and trying to find the old rhythm that you used to have. You’re not only feeling bored but you feel lonely, as well. But don’t give up your PJs for an office uniform. These things happen but you can overcome it. Here are some tips which you can follow to keep the boredom and loneliness at bay:

Join online discussion groups.

The Internet is probably the best thing since sliced bread. Not only can you find almost any piece of information you need, social networking has made it possible to build and make and online friendships. There are plenty of online forums and groups that you can join, and don’t forget Twitter and Facebook.

Participating in online discussions can be healthy intellectually and emotionally, allowing you to gain new insights. You can also make new friends in the process. More often than not, these people work at home and most likely share your concerns.

Start a blog.

Blogs have evolved ever since online journals were introduced on the web. Many are using blogs as a marketing tool but its main purpose is still to record thoughts and events in an author’s life.

Many mums I know blog to chronicle their family life, including travel adventures, a child’s milestones, and the trials and tribulations of motherhood. Others find their niche and blog and reviews products like beauty items, restaurants, movies, etc. Blogging can be a creative outlet for you. Who knows, you might even become an online celebrity!

Get involved.

Some home-based businesses start slow. If you’re experiencing this, make use of your extra time by getting involved with a charity. You can do volunteer work in your church or a nearby soup kitchen. You can also make an inventory of the things in your home that you and your family no longer need or use. Either you donate these things to charity or you can do a garage sale or sell on ebay.

Boredom and loneliness can shock your system especially if you’re used to the daily grind. But remember that just like anything, this is just a phase you are going through. Make the effort to be involved in activities to keep you out of the rut. You’ll find that you’ll be back in the game, in no time.

Sharing is caring!