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Check out the Ecocapsule, a mobile dwelling that allows you to live off-the-grid, anywhere in the world.

Developed by Nice Architects they are very small, but very cute and you can but them for 79,000 Euros which equates to approximately $124,000. The company guarantees the cost of the capsule will be lower as production increases in the future.

To get it shipped here

Sydney port: EUR 1,900 approx , $2985 as of Feb 2016

Auckland port: EUR 2,100 approx  $3,299 as of Feb 2016

What an opportunity for an eco-life. It does not need to be plugged into the traditional power and water supply as it is self-sustaining and can generate both resources from the surrounding environment. Officially it is a compact mobile home which can enable off-grid living under specific conditions and in specific environments.

Might buy a Lotto Ticket 🙂


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