Social Media Influence

Opportunity: Sponsored Tweet

Opportunity: Facebook Shout

Work At Home Mums is interested in working with brands, people, bloggers, business and service providers in most areas whose products and services would benefit and are relevant to the Work At Home and Stay At Home Mum Community.

Build your business the social way. Gain traffic, grow your Facebook Likes and Twitter Followers. Build awareness for your web page, blog, facebook page, video or app.

We will use our Facebook Fan Page and our Twitter Fan Page to promote YOUR Fan Pages and Social Media Channels.

WAHM will help Social Advertisers share and spread messages and drive relevant traffic, fans and followers your way.

Our Social Media Promotions will produce social media influence through Tweets and Shout Outs that contain a link to your website or social media channels.

  • Build your Facebook Fans to help with brand awareness, engagement and sales
  • Discover the power of social referrals and influence
  • Gain New Customers
  • Expand your social reach to encompass a new, larger group of consumers
  • More Leads. More Customers. More Profit

How long does it take to get started?
For approved campaigns – It takes around 24 hours for our services to commence.

Direct Marketing and MLM Companies are not eligible for this promotion