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No matter what your views may be, the ancient art of Feng Shui is attracting lots of interest the last few years – and that doesn’t look like slowing anytime soon.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise either, with many people now exploring Eastern philosophies.

So what’s the deal with Feng Shui……and what is Feng Shui anyway? I am no expert but here is my take on it.

Feng Shui is the ancient art whereby the orientation of buildings, objects and furniture helps to balance the flow of energy.  In other words, if we rearrange our furniture in a certain way, we facilitate good vibes being good energy or bad energy.  Once we get the energy and balance of the energy right, we can reap many benefits such as better health, well-being, happiness and joy.  It’s even believed that Feng Shui can help us to become more ricj and prosperous!

As Work At Home Mums, the idea of better productivity and prosperity certainly appeals to me, how about you?

How do we use Feng Shui in our daily life to achieve this?

Here are a few simple steps you can start today to balance the energy in our home office!

  • Don’t set your home office up in your bedroom:  This is a big no-no and can lead to undesirable outcomes, such as insomnia.  If you have no choice but to set your home office up in your bedroom, find yourself a screen or divider, so you cannot see your bed from your work station.
  • Get rid of your clutter:  This is a big one because clutter will create an energy of confusion, chaos and stress – none of which are conducive to creativity and productivity needed for a good working day.  By freeing your office of clutter, you are making room for new business and opportunities. We all want that!
  • Set your room up for convenience and back comfort:  Our backs can really suffer if we are working at a computer, so make sure your chair supports your back.  When you care for your back, you are less irritable and able to concentrate.  Also, make sure your phone, filing cabinet and printer are within easy access of where you sit.  This allows for a smooth flow of productivity and limits stress as well.
  • Plants promote health:  A potted plant will help remove toxins from the air, but ensure you keep the plant healthy, so it doesn’t invite illness.  A jade plant, placed near the entrance of your workspace also works to attract money.
  • Ensure your desk doesn’t face any other desk:  “If you share your home office, make sure your desk doesn’t face anybody else’s because this can facilitate arguments and conflict.
  • Remember what North, South, East and West represent:  Wood in the eastern corner for inspiration, fire in the southern corner for energy, earth in the centre for balance, metal in the western corner for (insert) and water in the northern corner for communication.  All these items can be as simple as a candle for the fire, and they can be used when you need them or left there all the time.

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