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There are some obvious challenges for work at home mums. The main one being that friends and family do not get it that you are actually working! And you’re not available for babysitting. They need to know what your work hours are and not to call you or drop in during those times.

Another trap work at home mums can fall into is to stay in their pyjamas in the morning and not shower, or get dressed for work.

This doesn’t mean you have to suit up or anything like that – but at least get dressed!

I have heard of some women who, once dressed, walk around the block and then come back in through the front door of their home as if arriving at their work place.

Psychologically, I can see how this would work, although I have never tried it myself.

Most importantly, set yourself up a work space, even if it’s the end of the dining room table. Make it yours.

It does take discipline if you want to be a work at home mum .

There is one big benefit to this Mum’s way of thinking though. You get to be a full time mum.

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