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Online scam – being investigated

Do not to place orders with the website as WA ScamNet investigates whether the website is fraudulent.

A WA couple paid more than $500 for a barbecue from the website about two weeks ago and were unable to contact the site about their purchase when it wasn’t delivered.

Investigations have so far revealed a number of issues with the website including:

  • the site was recently registered (late December 2015) and has no established reputation;
  • the ABN used belongs to a company in Queensland, which appears to be unconnected;
  • the site claims to be shipping from Victoria but gives an address in South Australia;
  • the site uses a mobile number belonging to a NSW resident who claims to have no knowledge of or connection with the site;
  • the site has elements which are consistent with it being fake, such as slightly pixelated manufacturer logos and significant price reductions with free shipping included; and
  • a search of consumer review websites reveals claims of payment but non-receipt of goods by a number of customers.

WA ScamNet are making enquiries with Eastern States counterparts as well trying to shut this website down.

Read the full story on WA ScamNet, including tips on safely shopping online.

You can report scams to WA ScamNet via email or by calling 1300 30 40 54.

2015 Scam review report

The latest scam report shows the WA community becoming ‘scam smart’ and heeding warnings.

A total of 456 victims reported losing $9.8 million to scams in 2015, compared to 657 victims losing $16.8 million in 2014, a 42 per cent decrease in losses.

Commerce Minister Michael Mischin said despite the overall reduction in scam losses, other categories of scams went against the trend and increased in 2015, including:

  • accommodation scams, where bogus online advertisements trick prospective tenants or holidaymakers to make payments to scammers instead of the real owners
  • rebate and refund scams, as well as beneficiary and employment scams
  • tax debt scams where scammers leave a disturbing recorded message or make phone calls threatening to take legal action if the consumer did not pay a bogus tax debt.

The full 2015 Scam Review report is available from WA ScamNet.

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