Here’s how to sell yourself in a way that will make someone sit up and take notice.

Being out of the workforce for a length of time can play havoc with your confidence.

You know you can do a job. You know that you’ve learned a lot. You know that you’ve done a lot of things in your time away from the paid workforce. But how do you sell yourself in a compelling way drawing in all of that experience.

In this blog post I’ll give you a simple structure to sell yourself in an interview. The beautiful thing about this structure is that you can also use this technique when you’re out and about socialising, or meeting other people. After all that’s often where opportunities come up.

But before you use this structure I need you to do 3 things. (It’s OK this is easy)

1)   Put yourself in the mind of your future employer. What are they trying to achieve, now and in the future? Who are their clients? Who do they work with?

This information is easily accessible online. Think LinkedIn and the like. Focus just as much on what they’ve done in the past, as where you think they might be heading in the future.

2)   Think about yourself. What do you want to do? What skills do you love to use? For ideas think long and hard about what’s made your face light up when you’ve spoken about it. Or think about what you could do every day without people paying you.

3)   Think about the impact you could have with that employer in the future.

This does not need to be complicated. But you do need to understand what that company does and where it’s heading.

Now I know this is all theoretical, so here is a structure that works.

If you’ve just completed some training – and loved it, you could say this.

I have just completed [state what you have done]

I’d like to work with [state what you would like to do and the benefits it may have to your employer]

In the future, I’d really like the challenge [state the future impact you’d like to have with that employer]

Here’s an example that you could apply to just about any role.

I have just upgraded my skills in MYOB and found that I loved it.

So, I’d like to work with a team that need help getting their day to day accounts in order, but just don’t have time to focus on this.

In the long term I’d really like the challenge of developing processes that take advantage of future technology and position a company for financial security.

If you show that you have done your research on the company, and tailor this to the main task of the role – you have an easy answer for “why do you want this role?” “tell me about yourself,” “what do you do?”

This post will give you other examples to how to answer “tell me about yourself”

Read this post for more interview tips.

Karalyn Brown in Founder of job hunting blog InterviewIQ 

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