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How important is your resume with your selection criteria?

If you are submitting selection criteria, do you really need your resume? I receive this question a lot. The answer is yes definitely! With government applications, your resume is read alongside your selection criteria, however the selection criteria is the main event, so to speak.

Often the government panel will read your resume for “context.” In your selection criteria you may give an example, which you do not reference with a date. The panel will flick back to your resume, to see when or which organization you are referring to.

That’s not to say your resume is not important for government applications. It is for a few different reasons.

If you have a resume that is not aligned with your selection criteria, and, for example, you write in your resume career objective that you want a different role from the one that is advertised, you will look like a bit of a goose. You also need to provide the government panel with that easy reference. Ideally, also, the formatting, presentation and content on your resume should convey the same impression that your selection criteria does.

As a professional writer, I find it easier to write a resume first then the selection criteria. This is allows me to order my thoughts and work out where I need to question you or prompt you to think of examples for the selection criteria. But everyone is different. You may find it easier to do it the other way around.

One final word of warning, unless the government department specifically states that they will draw information from your resume and to present your application as the one document, you will always need to address the selection criteria. I have only sat on one government panel where they were happy to take information from the resume. And that was for a “tradie” job. No matter how stunning your resume is, you simply can’t take he chance that the panel will be this kind.

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Source:  InterviewIQ

Author: Karalyn Brown

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