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Moving house for many people is a particularly daunting task – and that’s certainly the case for families with children.  Children who attend childcare, preschool or school have made friends and have become familiar with their daily routines, so a move can really upset the apple cart with children.

As real as that is, the great news is that children are resilient.  They go with the flow so much more than adults, and can adjust with very little effort.  What we as parents can do though, when facing a relocation for work or personal purposes, is prepare our kids for the upcoming move – and make the process a whole lot easier for all concerned.

So, what should you do as a parent to ensure your relocation with kids is relatively smooth and stress free?

Adhere to these top tips on relocating with children of course!

I’ve certainly done my fair share of relocations in my time, and I’ve also done a few as a mother as well.  Here are tips that have worked for me, and many others facing relocations with children:

1.       Tell your kids right away once you learn of your future relocation:  It’s always important to tell your kids about a relocation as soon as you learn of one.  This way, your kids can get used to the idea of moving, and not be shocked by a sudden announcement and super fast move soon after.  Sit down with your children and tell them about your relocation and why you’re moving, highlighting the positives.  Assure them that things aren’t going to change too drastically. Kids need to feel safe and secure with any change, so be aware of this when telling them about the move.

2.       Engage your kids in a discussion about the relocation:  Kids have feelings and concerns, so make sure you encourage your children to be open and honest with you about those.  Invite them to ask questions and share their feelings on the move with you.  This way, your child will feel validated, which will in turn help them to accept the upcoming move with minimal worries and anxiety.

3.       Show your child where you’re moving to:  Show your children photographs and even maps depending on your child’s age, so they can see exactly what’s going to be happening.

4.       Work with your child to create a Friends Book:  Your child no doubt has friends they want to keep in touch with, so create a Friends Book for them, so they can record names and addresses, birthdays, etc, in order to keep in touch.  Assure them that you’ll help them to keep in touch as well.

5.       Enlist your child to help with the moving plans:  Packing boxes, cleaning up – all of these things are needed for a relocation, so get the kids involved.  Moving is exciting!  It can also be fun.

6.       Get your child excited about their new room:  This is one of the most exciting things about moving to a new house, so encourage your child to think about their new room, what they want to do in terms of decorating, arranging furniture, etc.

So as you can see, just a few simple things can really help your children accept an upcoming relocation and see the good side to it.  And as you’ll discover, doing these things will make the relocation process a whole lot easier for you.

Happy moving!

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