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Puppy scammers are getting their claws into the money of pet-buyers in Western Australia. WA ScamNet has received three reports of monetary loss to puppy sale scams recently.

Read the full alert on WA ScamNet

There is always a danger buying things from strangers when you cannot physically see and inspect the item and take it away after handing over cash. Take a step back from any online transaction, speak to someone you trust about it and do some double-checking in regard to the identity or business you are dealing with. E.g. when shopping for a dog, use the registered local breeder search function on the Canine Association of Western Australia website.

When you are trying to find Eastern States breeders there are similar sites, such as and

If you have doubts about an online transaction, call WA ScamNet on 1300 30 40 54 BEFORE the scammers get their paws on your money.

Consumer Protection has a guide for pet-buyers as do the RSPCA .

Tips include considering adopting from a local animal welfare shelter.

Sharing is caring!