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Updated December 2018

Ok, so you had your child, did the stay at home mum thing and now you are ready to get back into the workforce and get away from the goo goo gaa gaa talk! After some time out of the workforce it can be very daunting for mums who previously had a great career job, stellar results and all the rest.  Many feel that they are no longer able to get the same salary they were on prior to bubs due to the gap.  Others are looking for less responsibility, something local, or more flexible hours.

Whether you are looking to kick start your career full steam ahead or find a less demanding role – regardless your resume is the all-powerful document that gets you that initial meeting. The first trick is to get past the skim read, so that recruiters will take a second, more in depth look at your resume.

So here are some key resume tips for mums to help get your resume noticed and feel confident!

Resume tips for mums

Make sure your details are correct

Your name, phone number and address need to be easily found and correct so that you can be contacted.

Employment history

Provide, dates, details of your role, the company you worked for and achievements you made while in a position.

Stay clear

Ensure you use laser focused statements, do not waffle. The KISS principal really does apply (Keep It Simple Stupid) – you can always expand on anything in a phone interview.

Be relevant

Relevance is key!  Read through the key selection criteria and cull, cull, cull. The employer wants to know about your achievements, awards, and successes in your career. What they do not want to know is about the black belt you got in Karate (unless your applying to a Karate school) or the certificate you got when you won the spelling bee in school.

Skills are transferable

Are you a mum returning to work but in a different field to your previous career? – Talk up your transferable skill set and adaptability.  Your fresh perspective might just be what the employer is looking for.

Be yourself

Speak to your brand – it’s your asset.  You are a mum, career woman, teacher, wife – what makes you, YOU?  Skills, personality, values all come into play here.

Toss out the Career Objective.  Have a Career Summary or Performance Summary instead.  If you read it and it can apply to anyone, you are not being specific enough.  It must be unique to you.  Being a return to work mum it is particularly important to outline your motivations as employers may question why you are looking to ‘downgrade’.

Achievements, not duties

Achievements are the meat of your resume, not responsibilities.  Do not submit a position description – submit a document that sells your value-add. What did you achieve at your last jobs? Don’t just rehash what you did there.

Stay away from cliches

Avoid overused phrases like ‘proven ability to deliver results’ or ‘accomplished professional’ – detail your results, professional in what specific area?

Avoid the most overused words on LinkedIn such as responsible, strategic, effective, analytical to name a few.  Employers want quantified examples not generic fluff.

Keep it current

Keep your resume to no more than 10 years; remember employers do not want your life story. You need to update your resume to feature present information, not information way in the past, as it will do nothing to show the interviewer why they should hire you.

Be honest

Don’t Lie. If you lie to secure a job, you will get caught before you even step into the interview room. Interviewers can quickly check if you are lying or not about yourself and your achievements by conducting a quick Google search online.

Make sure you format correctly

Look at your formatting – mix it up, use dot points, and scannable.  CRABS – Chunkability, Relevance, Accurate, Brevity, make sure it is clearly Scannable. Proofread and edit. There is nothing worse then saying how great you are at details and having your resume full of spelling mistakes.

Stand out

Depending on the job or industry – have you considered a social, infographic, or video resume?  What will make you stand out?

If you apply these power resume tips for mums you will pass the 10 second resume skim and avoid the trash pile! And when you’ve got your resume sorted, here’s some advice on getting the most out of a phone interview.

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