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Scammers are offering compensation for a car accident in an attempt to obtain personal information from victims.

This phone scam involves scammers asking to speak to ‘the person involved in the car accident’ supposedly to help them with their compensation claim.

They may pretend to be from an official-sounding organisation which adds substance to the scam, using names such as ‘Road Accident Helpline’ or ‘Accident Investigation Department’.

The following steps are recommended should you receive any random phone call where you are offered something you weren’t expecting:

  • Do not give any personal information about yourself or family;
  • Ask for the caller’s name, the name of the business or organisation they are calling from and a phone number to return the call and write them down;
  • Carry out some independant checks, such as looking in the whitepages or searching the details online. This is usually a good way to reveal that something is a scam; and
  • Call WA ScamNet on 1300 30 40 54 if you need any further advice.

You can report scams to WA ScamNet via email or by calling 1300 30 40 54.

Read the full report on WA ScamNet, .

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