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This is PERFECT, a newly opened Telework and small business office facility on the outskirts of Sydney – Ideal for freelancers, work at home mums and the self employed – a place to focus on work without any distractions from home, I wish there was one in Newcastle. Hint..Hint

Across the world from Sydney to San Francisco, London to Shanghai, Rio to Tokyo there is a revolution sweeping the world. Technological innovation and a new model for commercial real estate are combining to alter the way we work forever. Modern chic hi tech workspaces called Smart Hubs or co-working spaces are mushrooming around the globe at an incredible rate.

Entrepreneurs, freelancers and start-ups no longer have to commit themselves to onerous and expensive commercial leasing arrangements or the considerable outlay in setting up an office. Nor do they have to try and build their business from the isolation of a bedroom or the chaos of a café. With the advent of Smart Hubs, finally there is a new and better way for them to do business. The Central Coast will now have its very own Smart Work Hub that will rival anything else in Australia.

The Nexus Smart Hub is open for business in North Wyong’s newly rezoned enterprise corridor, and it is creating quite a buzz on the Coast. The architecturally designed facility has everything you would expect from a facility like this and some things you wouldn’t have dreamed of. Yes, you would expect the hub to have a mix of private offices, hot desks and break out spaces. You would expect it to have the latest video conferencing, photocopiers, scanners and bio-metric security. Perhaps you wouldn’t be surprised to learn that it has a modern kitchen facility, a landscaped BBQ area and sun deck and funky interior design.

What you wouldn’t expect is that the Smart Hub has the fastest internet speed on the Coast (faster than NBN). You probably wouldn’t have thought that it has its own gym and shower facilities complimentary to Hub users. You probably would be surprised to learn that Hub members also have access to an A grade waterfront office in Sydney. You definitely wouldn’t have dreamed of the price. The Hub will be available for just $15 a day.

Nexus Smart Hub Director, Damien Wilde explains that the hub is a platform that enables businesses to connect to each other and to access an A Grade office facility that would be unaffordable, and unattainable in a traditional commercial leasing arrangement. The terms are completely flexible and work spaces, meeting rooms and offices can be booked by the day, by the week or by the month.

“Some SMB’s will use this space to complement their existing home office setup. There might be certain days where they can be productive at home and other days they can’t. They might want a very professional space to meet clients or simply have an urge to get out of the isolation of the house and collaborate and build networks with other people. Some people will use it as their permanent place of work because, let’s face it, working from home has its challenges. It’s that flexibility and sense of great value for money that is really appealing to people and makes it such an exciting offering.”

“The Hub has a dedicated host, Sonia, who is responsible for the smooth running of the facility. The Nexus Hub is providing more than simply a bare bones office space but an activated work space and community” Wilde explains.

“Sonia performs a front of house role to greet Hub members and their guests and ensures that the Hub is a cohesive, productive space. It’s more than simply making sure the printer doesn’t have a paper jam and the kitchen is clean and presentable, though those things are critical.” Said Wilde.

The Nexus Hub will also be available for ‘teleworkers’. That describes people who work in Sydney and wish to work closer to home in a professional and productive space. In this endevour The Nexus Hub is supported by the Department of Trade and Investment within the NSW State Government, Wyong Council and Hunter TAFE. Whether you’re an SMB in a home office or a commuter who wants to spend a one or two days closer to home the Nexus Hub is one of the most innovative and exciting projects the Central Coast has ever seen. 1300 877 977

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