One thing that really gets me down is the failing sisterhood.

Where once the suffragettes banded together with their eye on the greater good, where once we supported each other and wished each other the best, now petty rivalries get in the way, jealousy clouds friendships and we stab each other in the back

Why is this? Not because of men, surely? Are they worth all that? Or is it the natural human instinct to compete, coming out in ever more ugly ways?

Whatever the reason, it ain’t pretty. And nowhere, it seems, is it less pretty than in the realm of motherhood. From the day you see those two lines on the pregnancy test, you are thrown into a whole new world where every opinion sees you on one side of a war.

Natural birth versus drugs, home birth versus hospital, breast versus bottle, private versus public school, strict versus relaxed parenting – it is not just a difference of opinion. Oh no. It’s war.

Browse the Internet: there are forums, discussion groups, anti-this and pro-that groups, all with the goal of reassuring the women who agree with the site’s philosophy that they are RIGHT and everyone else is not only WRONG, but most likely STUPID.


One of the wars that has raged on longest, and continues to do so, is about work choices.

Staying at home? You are a pampered princess, probably, and go against everything feminists fought for in the battle for equality.

Going to work? You should be ashamed. Your child will grow up neglected, unloved, and probably with two or three addictions by the time they hit puberty.

Working from home? You have caved in to societal demands, and you STILL aren’t giving your kids enough attention.

How about this, though? Could stay at home mums be simply willing to struggle a little financially if it means making sure their kids and partner are looked after in the best way they know how?

Could working mums need to work, or find work gives them balance and allows them to be a better mum when they are home?

How about work at home mums are simply trying to straddle both worlds, or grabbing an opportunity to see what comes of it?


Come on girls, put the claws away and let’s back each other up here.

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