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MojiLife is something i am SO excited about. This company is based in the United States but you can run your business from wherever you like, because it is an online business! I am in Australia and i am part of the founding and top team here. You can be too! Keep reading and see why i am so excited to be sharing this………

MojiLife has amazing products, mind blowing fragrances and the best bit is, they are so safe. The fragrance pods have a core of compressed wood fibres that are biodegradable, and the little cup they sit in, is 100% recyclable. There is no flame, not hot wax, no heat and no toxic fumes for you or your family to breath in. The fragrances are sent through your environment via a little fan that silently blows air past the pod that sits above it, it is instantly in the air and gets through the whole house, car or office in no time. Cannot explain how awesome these patented products and pods really are.

The fragrances are so unique! There is one that i have on at the moment that is called ‘Rise and shine’, it no word of a lie, smells EXACTLY like pancakes with maple syrup. This is just one of the many unique and delicious fragrances in the range. MojiLife also deal with 100% essential oil and essential oil blends. No messy oils in bottles though, just the wood fibre cores soaked in the essential oil fragrances. No more house fires from candles and hot oils, no more children burning their skin by being curious, no more pets running past and knocking flames, wax or oil off the cabinets. These devices are cordless, rechargeable, portable, silent and completely unique.

Join my team and be as proud of MojiLife as i am. Make money while you post as little as three times a day on social media. The more you put in, the more you get out of it. You will earn money in your pyjamas! You even earn commissions off the small outlay for your start up kit, AND off all your own product purchases you may choose to make, AND off all customer orders….. SO many ways to make money. There are so many incentives and benefits that come with being a MojiLife distributor too. Free gifts, 1/2 priced items, virtual Mojicash to spend on the website for yourself, gift cards, rewards for completing goals…… the list goes on. Not to mention, WEEKLY PAY OF COMMISSIONS! Pay day every single Wednesday!!

I am honestly absolutely loving my MojiLife journey and i want to share the love with those like myself who have a family to look after, a desire to feel proud of achievements and goals met, and a desire to put some extra cash in the bank to support the family and give them everything you can at the very moment they need it.

Stick your nose in my business and join me on the MojiLife journey! You won’t regret it! I certainly haven’t!!

Love Leah – Themojibossladyofoz


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