Hugo Sleep

Hugo Sleep
Hugo Sleep

For too long the mattress mafia hasn’t changed. There are so many stores, countless options and huge mark-ups (ahem, rip-offs). Not to mention the unnatural experience of testing a mattress out for two whole minutes…awake…in a showroom.

Enter Hugo. By going direct to the customer, we have removed the pain points of buying a mattress. All that you’re left with is one incredible product, delivered to your door risk-free and at a fair price. No need to lose sleep finding your perfect mattress.

Innovation in the mattress industry has become a marketing sport, used to overcomplicate the customer without providing any true value.

That’s why we created Hugo. There’s no cheap and nasty, no gimmicky never-before-heard-of-because-we-just-made-it-up comfort layers. Because Hugo was made with you, our customer, in mind.

We discovered two main factors that create the perfect night sleep; keeping your spine aligned and regulating your body temperature.

The use of memory foam and latex consistently achieved the best results during user trials, proving their place as the highest rated materials in mattress construction. That’s why we made Hugo with the optimum balance of both.

And we’ve slept happily ever after.
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Hugo Sleep

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