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Sally-Anne Blanshard

There’s a new chick in town.  Everyone is talking about her.  She is smart, organised, has considerable drive and is able to dig deep into her energy pools to get things done.  Impressive hey.

Say hello to the Mumpreneur.  Mum’s who mean business.  Incredible females who are able to juggle both motherhood and working…for themselves.

It usually starts out with an idea.  Add to this a splash of confidence and a sprinkle of self-esteem and some business knowledge and there is no stopping you.

Being at home with your children can inspire you.  You start to think of easier ways to do things.  You wonder if you can improve a design or product.  You daydream.  The next step is to make it happen!  Turn your idea into an income.

So where do you start?


Mums talk to other mums.  They give their honest opinion about products they have tried, the best kindy in the area or what websites they buy from.  Start subtly researching your idea or product.  This may start with a bit of web research but you can also have conversations with your mother’s group or even strangers in the supermarket.  Start to get a feel for whether you are onto something with your idea.


Some of my clients feel that they do not have the business acumen to take an idea to market.  Perhaps that is true so let’s solve that.  There are a number of courses available to you through government initiatives.  Courses can be free or in some cases a small investment.  All you need to do is make an investment of your time.  You can also look at working with a coach or getting a mentor.

Get organised

Think about structuring your day so that you are spending ample awake and fun time with your children and then allocate their sleep time or quiet play time for when you can get through a few tasks.  Having a list helps me as I feel a sense of achievement crossing the items off!  It is also important that you allow yourself time just to ‘be’.  Think about sitting quietly.  TV off.  Peaceful.  It is at moments like this you can start to organise your thoughts and generally slow down.  Exercise will also help you generate more energy.  Trust me – I am exhausted by 7pm but feel invigorated after a gym class and find I can do an hour or so of work in the evening. Recharged.

Get on with it!

“If you’re coasting, you’re either losing momentum or else you’re headed downhill.” Joan Welsh

One of the succesful attributes of any entrepreneur is drive.  They forge ahead.  They have a plan.  They keep momentum.  Even when the going gets tough.  So what ever it is you need to do – do it!

One example of the mumpreneur is Sarah who I met through a friend.  She created Wean Meister Freezer Pods She was unhappy with the plastic solutions available for freezing baby food and imagined a sturdy silicone tray with a lid that could be more effective.  She did some research, enhanced her business knowledge and ran with her idea.  She backed herself.  And in turn she is now being talked about in the media but also the referral engine that is ‘mums’.  I can only imagine the excitement when she received her prototype, the first box of freezer pods and then eventually sold her first item.  It is that energy that keeps you focussed and motivated.

Remember all it takes is some time to really think about your idea.

I am priveleged to have worked with a number of mumpreneurs over the years.  Take a look at their websites and be inspired!

Also take a look at my resources page for more inspiration.


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