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Remote working builds a productive, modern workforce

Northern Beaches resident Diana Holwerda, owner and director of Virtual Assistant for your Biz, empowers and encourages women to balance work and family life.  She inspires women to utilise the skills that they already have mastered.

Modern life is a complex web, which requires flexibility and simplifying ones life as much as one can. This leads many women to either give up on their careers. The opportunity cost here is that the women lose part of their identities and give themselves entirely to motherhood and their families. Alternatively women go back to work part-time or full-time and often feel overwhelmed by responsibilities or riddled with Mummy guilt.

Diana is ensuring that mothers learn not to sell themselves short. She runs workshops to train mothers how to utilise their individual, bespoke skill sets which enables them to set up their own businesses as virtual assistants specialising in their unique fields.

The future of the workforce is going to revolve around virtual contractors, telecommunication and remote workers.  Today’s workforce is never switched off. Work can be done in or out of the office by answering emails, taking phone calls, dialling into conference calls, video conferencing and texting.

Due to technological advancement, employees and contractors can work anywhere, anytime.  Building a digital workplace cuts out rental costs, reduces travelling time and allows workers to have a better work-life balance. This in turn builds modern teams, increases productivity and therefore delivers business results.

Diana assists mothers to identify their core skills, helps them to pinpoint and segment their target market and provides them with tools needed to set up their own business as a Virtual Assistant.

Diana states: “ It has been the best decision for me as a person-keeping my sanity amidst cleaning, cooking, looking after 2 kids and a husband. Professionally, as I have managed to keep my skills up and in fact I have learned more than if I had gone back to employment as I can now create websites, social media pages, newsletters, blogging, graphic design and the list goes on!”

Diana’s workshops teach Mums how to set up a business, what software is needed, how to create webpages, how to use social media, how to invoice, how to track expenses etc. She also helps Mums to set their own business goals.

Diana encourages businesses to outsource the jobs that they do not have sufficient time or resources to manage themselves. Her dream is to inspire Mums living in rural areas to set up their own virtual businesses utilizing their existing unique skill sets.

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Candice Meisels

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Diana Holwerda

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