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Firstly – this is NOT a post to increase sales or conversion rates, nor is it to convince anyone of the obvious – that outsourcing makes everyday life easier – we know that already, right? This is just an honest explanation about how I have been able to outsource and how it has impacted my life.

One of the greatest perks of my job is that I often get to trial and test new businesses that join the Stellar Home platform – call it R&D if you will.  Whether it be a house cleaner, car detailer, dog groomer,  or a personal trainer – someone needs to make sure these businesses are of a ‘Stellar’ Standard and I’m more than willing to volunteer!

There is a down side to this though. I experience amazing help from amazing people and as a result, realize how much is it is bettering my life and that I have to keep having it!

But, it costs money and the majority of us don’t have all that much extra in the budget right? So I sat down and thought about how I can justify the additional cost of “buying help” (see the infographic above).

So, for approximately $7.50 extra a week, I can have these services professionally done for me, at home, if I choose to make some changes.  Sure, it is an addition to the monthly budget, but I’ve listed below some of the reasons why for me, it is “priceless”…

The obvious benefits:

  •         Clean House
  •         Clean Car
  •         Clean Dog

The underlying benefits:

  •         A maintained vehicle that I am not mortified by
  •         Reduced feeling of guilt (particular over my dog not being attended to)
  •         Better mental state of mind
  •         Less rushed and feeling over stressed
  •         Higher patience level with my husband and my kids
  •         A better night sleep (which has endless positive repercussions as we all know)
  •         Generally feeling healthier and happier, calmer and more in control.  And on top of this… (and I know there are more benefits).

I have gained 3hrs on average a week to do other things I choose to do. As I said, this is my story but maybe something to consider…Now (sigh), how do I justify laundry, ironing and dog walking …?

Check it Out StellarHome here 

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Sharing is caring!

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