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Leah Gibbs: The Work At Home Mum on a Mission

You know what it’s like to come out of a conversation with somebody feeling a sense of, “Wow! That person just exudes passion, enthusiasm – and a whole lotta excitement – for what they do”? That’s exactly how you feel when you get in touch with Leah Gibbs – mum to one and busy entrepreneur making her mark in the world.

But she’s not just busy working on any business. She’s working on a business that is reflecting a trend we see today when it comes to employment.

That trend is telecommuting and working from home, and chances are you’ve probably heard of it. Telecommuting involves people working from home, rather than travelling to an office. It’s all made possible thanks to telephone communication and the internet, and it is becoming increasingly popular. After all, people are starting to think more about their lifestyle, rather than the mindless pursuit of a pay cheque.

For Leah, her approach to life changed after a big event in her life

“When I became a mother at 40, my whole attitude to life changed for me after a traumatic birth experience, a long recovery, feeding and sleeping problems,” says Leah. “And that was followed by post natal depression.”

Being at home with her new baby got Leah thinking about what she wanted in her life, and it was from there that Leah began to entertain the idea of working from home.

“I wanted to feel like I was contributing to the household, but finding legitimate work I could do from home proved to be far from a small feat,” says Leah. “My sheer frustrations and experiences led me to establish an informational website to help others searching for a home-based job.”

The result was Work At Home Mums, established in 2007.

Once Leah launched the site, word soon began to spread and something else became very apparent.

“I realized the need for flexible work arrangements and home-based employed was not just limited to mothers, but a much bigger group,” says Leah. “Every day I would receive emails and phone calls from mothers, fathers, carers, people with disabilities, mature aged workers and those who lived in remote communities – all asking me advice on where to find a genuine work at home job or a job with flexibility.”

Leah spotted a niche and a gap in the market

Leah continued to be contacted on a daily basis by all sorts of people looking to work from home.

“I wanted to be that connection for them that linked them with suitable opportunities,” says Leah.

And that is how Lifestyle Careers came about. This business was started in 2009.

“Lifestyle Careers is a National jobs board for parents – anybody really – seeking flexible employment and a work-life balance,” says Leah.

Although a new business, Lifestyle Careers is enjoying great growth and that’s not expected to slow anytime soon, thanks to the rising popularity of telecommuting and flexible working

“People are so much more focused on the quality of life factors these days, not just a pay cheque,” says Leah. “And employers are mindful of this, and that is why we are seeing an increase in the numbers of employers offering their staff such flexibility.”

Lots of Great Possibilties!

With the trend of telecommuting and work from home jobs on the rise, I’m pretty sure Leah is going to become extremely busy in coming years.

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With an award winning National Jobs Board and recognised blog, Leah has written articles for major magazines, newspapers, online resources and professional organisations. She has been featured on the Channel 7 Sunrise Morning Show and is often called upon by the Media to provide her expert opinion.

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