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Being told to relax is one thing. Actually trying to relax is quite another, especially when you’re a mum. How do we find the time to relax when there’s just too much else to do during the day?

When it comes to snatching time for yourself in amongst life’s usual responsibilities, one simple method that will have you breathing easy is the art of meditation.

As many will already know, this involves training the mind to calm itself into a state of consciousness. It can be used to relax yourself, as well as alter brain activity and helps develop positivity and purges negative thoughts from your mind.

Meditation can be practiced for both religious and health reasons and is usually a tradition found in Eastern spirituality.

Past studies show that those who practise meditation regularly experienced massive changes to their brain and can also aid in the recovery of certain physical and emotional illnesses. It also helps us build up important stress management skills. Even a few minutes of meditation can bring down stress levels and can be done just about anywhere: before you get up in the morning, while your little one takes a nap, in the waiting room at the doctors or even while you’re in the car.

To have an active mind is to have a clear mind, especially when you’re constantly on the go and it couldn’t be easier to find that sense of calm with a little meditation. All you need to do is close your eyes, take a moment… and focus.

So breathe a little easier. Find the perfect balance between time for everyone else and time devoted to your own health and wellbeing.

Wherever you are, make sure to find a little inner peace through meditation even for a minute or two.

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