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This is a question I pondered today as my husband and I sit over our computers, run in and out of the house and try and meet all the deadlines. Scheduled into my day is time for my child, time to work, time to cook and time to clean but what about me time….

It sounds funny to say that we need to schedule me time but we do we need to allow time for us to be in our days and it is not or no longer should be at Work at Home myth  so how do we do it.

Prioritise your life

It is essential that you spend some time reflecting on all that you are doing. In the midst of not even having enough time to sit down for a cup of coffee, making time to reflect can seem like a big evil monster waiting under the bed. However it is not that scary and what you will find is a cute fluffy rabbit when we end.

Look carefully at all of the things you are currently doing and determine which are the most important. Look at what is important to you as well as your business and family. It is time to create order to figure out which things you really must do now, which things can wait and which things you can let go of (scary thought you can you know)

Combine tasks to get some me and family time:

Some of your many tasks can be combined. Taking a walk with baby (and partner?) after work will give you some time together and also a chance to stretch and exercise. You can provide a safe place on the floor in the kitchen for your child to play, observe and talk with you while you are fixing dinner. Taking a bath together is one way some families enjoy time together. Sometimes the activities will take longer, doing them together, but will be well worth the effort.

Simplify Things

A baby is only a baby for one time which means, your house will be a mess, people will come over unannounced and your baby will want to spend time with you

Spend time with your baby. Clear a path through your house so you can get on the floor and hang-out and enjoy your baby. It is amazing how blocks can be such a stress reliever. You build you achieve, baby tears it down and you laugh!

Very simple, nutritious meals can be thrown together quickly. Sandwiches, smoothies, quesadillas, there are many options for 15 minutes or under dinner prep.

Remember being a work at home Mum is a Balancing Act

We may never find a moment in we feel perfectly caught up on all the things they expect that we should do. If you consider this a normal state you can learn to relax about it. Balance isn’t something you necessarily find as a parent, it is something you are always moving towards.

One week you will get lots of good things done at work and the house will be a wreck. Balance doesn’t happen in any one instant, but it can happen in the long run.  The most important thing is that Me Time and Family Time do exist for the Work at Home Mum

By Linda Enever – Family Capers

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