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To all those Gen X and Y-ers who say they don’t enjoy Facebook, disapprove of it and feel it is a terrible reflection on society, I have this to say: I don’t believe you.

Either you have managed (admirably) to avoid the lure of the ‘Book completely, and therefore do not understand its appeal, or you secretly go there and browse the walls, photos and updates of your “friends”. There is no way; surely, one cannot become addicted to this site after those first few tentative visits?

I am a hopeless case. I resisted for a while, and it was my friend Bridee who hooked me in a few years ago, 2009 to be precise.

Now I am a daily Facebooker – if not to update my personal profile or to update fans of my groups, then certainly to “stalk” my online friends. I have also discovered you can stalk friends of friends, allowing me to see and be judgemental about photos of people you might not like – is there any more guilty pleasure than that?

Besides Face-Stalking, I really think it is a great tool.

Connecting with old school friends is a given – it is wonderful to see people and connect with those I spent my childhood with. It is a way of staying in touch with distant relatives, old school friends and keeping up with their news.

Granted, it may be lazy and nothing can really compare with receiving a lovely handwritten letter or card, but if the alternative is losing touch completely, surely Facebook, with its merry wall-writing, poking and “liking”, is a preferable option? My friend Caro who lives in Gladstone and I have a need to poke each other every day, just to say hello – this lets each other know that we are thinking of each other and we often crack up laughing about the urge “to poke”

For businesses, too, it offers opportunities never before seen.

As well as savvy advertisers being able to appear on the walls of those people who have shown an interest in their area, there is the chance for friends and family to become “fans” of your business, offer comments, ideas and discussions, and spread the word.

I have seen the benefits in my own business, simply by popping my website on my page and seeing what happened.

Facebook – is here to stay, I think. And for those who have resisted so far – go on, log on and give me a poke. You know you want to.

Twitter, though, that is another blog post in itself.

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