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When a baby opens his/her eyes for the first time, they see their mum, smiling down at them. It is at that exact moment they know that they have found the person who will teach them about how life works. From then on, the mother becomes the teacher, teaching their young ones about the dos and don’ts of life.

Even though your mother’s lessons may not have made sense to you then, but after you read this, you will know that they have prepared you for work, for life.

Here is a list of lessons they taught you and how they are useful to you now:

Lesson #1:  Made You a Champ at Multitasking

When it comes to multitasking, mums are a natural. The juggle kids, house, and spouse expertly each day that they give clowns a run for their money. As you grow older, the art of multitasking you learnt from your mum comes natural to you as well.

Lesson #2:  Taught You How to be a People-pleaser

How many times have you seen your mum solve an argument between you and your sibling tactfully that both of you felt as if she was on your side? In the workplace, you have to have a sense of diplomacy if you want to succeed. You want to be able to please your boss at the same time your team members.

Lesson #3:  Taught You to be Productive

Mums are superheroes in disguise, as they get chores done within a few minutes. This is one superhero quality of theirs you need to learn by heart. At work, you need to be productive if you ever want to get that promotion or salary increase. Who better to teach you about productivity than you mum?

Lesson #4:  Create a Balance between Work and Life

For people whose mum worked when they were young need to talk to them about how in the world they ever managed to spend time with them and work. When you begin to work and start a family later on, you will need to manage your time wisely. Do not spend all of your time making your boss happy, as it will disrupt your home life.

Lesson #5:  Always Learning

Mums are always learning about which food has the most nutrients, how to learn new software for work, and what new dish to cook at home. Working and non-working mums are always learning, and you should too. When you begin to work, you have to keep renewing your skills to always stay ahead in your organization.

Lesson #6:  Never Give Up

When you are sad, has your mum given up on knowing the reason behind your sombre mood? Most probably, they have annoyed you to death to find out the reason. You need to be the same way at work. No matter how tough the task seems, you will never give up!

What has your mum taught you that you can use at work?

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