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Kiddies and Me for sale


Thank you for your interest

Beautiful e-directory of coordinated outfits for parents and children – a great business designed for the mum who is ready to run her own online business that gives her freedom and profit at the same time!

Promising Startup with No Competition Yet in Australia!

The business idea started to be developed in Nov 2016 and generated lots of excitement with most parents that heard of it. It is meant to be a work from home option for a fashion passionate mom who is happy to spend an average of 24 hrs/week putting together inspiration boards and checking the latest fashion trends and products on the Australian and international market.

I can provide the business plan as well as lots of insights and how to’s on launching and running the business. It is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to start an online business and care for little ones at the same time.

The best part of it is that at the moment this would be the first website in Australia and New Zealand providing for this niche, with lots of suppliers eager to advertise and offer their products! Although it is huge in US and Europe, there is absolutely no competition yet on the niche in this huge market!!

The website is built in WordPress using Divi theme, very easy to maintain, update and change over time by anyone who is willing to put a couple of days into learning the system.

I initially built the business for myself to start working again as my babies are in school/ preschool now, but got an irresistible opportunity that I started to work on in Jan and can no longer manage Kiddies and Me.

With a vast experience in fashion, fashion design and online marketing, I can help you with most questions and problems you may have over the next year, because it feels good to have someone to hold your hand sometimes.

Income Streams

The business is to be monetized with either a pay/click (starting with 50c/click and increasing to $1/click by the end of 2017) plus advertising banners on the website or by an annual or monthly subscription from children/ women/ family oriented brands (this was my first choice as it is much easier to manage). Estimated income $3000/month by Dec 2017 , with average work time of 24hrs/week.

What’s Included?

  • The domain name together with the theme subscription
  • The .com domain for future expansion internationally
  • Basic SEO optimization
  • Social media facebook page
  • Lots of material and how to’s on how to launch and run/ grow the business
  • Ongoing support from me either in person or over the ph/email

Sale Price



Please note this business has now been sold. Thank you for your enquiries and good luck to the new owner.

Please note: This business is for sale as a start-up business, not an established, income producing business. The business has been set up, and it is the buyers input that will ultimately determine the success of the business.


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