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by Sally-Anne Blanshard

So, you have got 3 or 5 balls in the air, all with different labels – children, work, chores and the like – and your are manically tossing them up and catching the others as they fall.

Welcome to working from home.

It takes a dash of organizational skills and a pinch of discipline to make this arrangement work effectively for you and, if you are employed, your employer.

As a new mum and manager of a successful career coaching website I wanted to find out how other people managed their time at home across an ever increasing list of to do’s.

The words strict, routine, organization and multi-tasking are just a few examples of what makes working from home exhaustingly effective. Then there is trying to be focused on the household tasks, looking after the children’s meals and demands as well as being present to enjoy our partner’s daily download of office shenanigans.

Here are 5 top tips to getting the most out of the working from home arrangement:

  1. Get a routine – Have a diary and make appointments with yourself to work, play with the kids, have dinner with your partner
  2. Get outside – enjoy some fresh air and thinking time – it is okay to take a walk and you will be amazed at how you can clear your mind and refocus on what is ahead
  3. Get stuck in – be present for the task at hand, whether this is work or time with family
  4. Get satisfied – work out what you need to do today to feel a sense of accomplishment, then do it!
  5. Get feedback – ask your family if there is anything you need to change to make it work better, ask your employer for feedback on the same and ask yourself, regularly, if you are happy with things too.

There are a lot of juggling jesters out there working from home; I take my hat off to you!


Sharing is caring!