Influence in the Workplace – Persuading decision-makers, employees and colleagues

CMA Learning can help you to work more effectively across your organisation, or self-managed business to create buy-in for ideas and initiatives. This is relative for influencing internal stakeholders, external stakeholders and customers.

Why choose this program?

As organisations adopt flatter management structures, there is an increasing emphasis on the ability to influence others across teams and functions in order to get things done. A general shift towards more collaborative work practices means that the ability to create ‘buy in’ for ideas and initiatives is extremely valuable.

The Influence in the Workplace program demystifies ‘influence’ and gives participants the ability to adapt their influencing approach according to the audience, circumstances and objectives.

This program is particularly useful for people who:

  • need to influence without authority (influence up or sideways)
  • create ‘buy in’ for organisational improvement programs
  • want to inspire their direct reports in a way that minimises reliance on positional power

What are the benefits of doing this program?

This program will enable you to:

  • identify and map the key stakeholders who could help or hinder their ideas or initiatives
  • develop a comprehensive, tailored strategy for influencing stakeholders
  • move beyond simply ‘arguing a case’ to a more constructive, value-driven approach
  • respond more effectively to resistance and objections
  • structure influencing conversations in a way that is both concise and compelling
  • build their confidence to initiate and manage influencing conversations
  • develop a proactive strategy for building long-term relationships of influence

“Fantastic course, can definitely put into practice today feeling it will make a difference.”

Natalia, Senior Business Analyst – Cochlear

Would you like to know more? Head to the CMA Learning website, phone 1300 765 770 or email

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