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While working from home removes much of the pressure associated with conventional employment, it brings its own issues — chiefly the need to set boundaries between work and home life.

Some WAHMs find that they have a hard time persuading their family members not to interrupt them when they’re working. Others have found that it’s hard to switch out of “work mode” and focus on the family again.

One way to do this is to set up a separate space that’s just for work. If you’ve got the space, using a spare room for your office or workshop is ideal — even a box-room can be a useful refuge. If not, try and find a spot where you’re outside the normal household traffic: a desk at the far end of the dining room or a corner of the kitchen, for example.

Teach your family that when you’re ensconced in your work zone, they need to give you your space. Even younger children can generally grasp the idea that when mummy’s in her office or at her special table, she’s busy and shouldn’t be disturbed. On the flip side, corralling the physical media associated with work into one area helps remove the temptation to let your job encroach into family time.

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