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So you’re self employed and freelancing. Congratulations.

Many people don’t even understand what that means. It now means you have the complete and utter control of everything that happens in your job. Think so do you? Now comes the work. declaring yourself “Self Employed” simply means that you no longer have the security of a weekly paycheck, someone to tell you what to do or when to do it. You now have to make those things happen yourself.

As far as having control, you do up to a point. In most cases your customers will dictate what you need to do. An example if you are freelancing as a photographer, you can take thousands of pictures that no one wants. You need to fulfill the needs of your client and provide the shots he wants of his product, and sometimes in spite of your “core values”. That is why so many images today are making controversy because of Photo-shopped images. As a Photographer you may shoot the real image, but that isn’t what your customer wants. He wants a slimmer, enhanced image for his advertising. You of course save the original image I hope, but deliver the image ordered by your client. That is how you get paid. So you see your control is limited.

Freelancing means that you now have to market yourself to get jobs. For some people this is the toughest part of the job. You have the ability to accept or reject any job, and that part is great. It allows you to vie for a particular niche that may be of interest to you. That can be of great value in opening up your creativity, but if you aren’t open to other venues it can severely limit your income. Being flexible is important, and will open doors if you are willing to think and work outside of that neat, safe little box you may be used too.

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