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My name is Nic Frances Gilley and I’m giving away my business Fit Inn.

I’ve put a lot of hard work, time and money in to Fit Inn, so you may be wondering why I would do this. The thing is, I’ve come to a very simple realisation.

I had two goals when I started Fit Inn a year ago:

  • Have fun developing gourmet, healthy take-away meals in my local community and;
  • Do it in a way that was scalable. You could say I wanted to create the McDonalds of healthy food.

After developing the product and concept, it’s clear to see there’s a demand for this offering, but that the financials don’t work as well as a single store with a few fridges.

I’ve had to make a choice: stop or go to scale. I don’t want to lose all the experience and learning’s but at the same time, I don’t feel that I’m the right person to acquire funds and grow the business. I’m a serial entrepreneur and have travelled that road several times, so I feel it’s time to hand the reins to someone else.

That’s when it occurred to me: why not give it away?

The model lends itself to scale and if there were 10-20 fridges in a city like Melbourne, the potential for a very exciting business is huge. I believe that it would be possible for someone with vision and energy to scale to 10-20 fridges in Melbourne in less than six months and to go national in less than a year.


I’m looking for a team of people who are excited about food and the health industry and want to grow a successful, value-based business. If this sounds like you and all you’re looking for is a leg up and some initial investment, then this could be the opportunity you’ve been searching for.

Because you would own the business outright, you’d be able to raise funds for growth, although the beauty of the model is the low-cost of establishing new outlets.

On this website is enough information for you to decide if you are interested in this offer. If you are and would like to take the conversation further, there is a contact form where you can tell me who you are and why you’re interested. If you are shortlisted, I will then get back to you with next steps and further information.

Thank you for your interest and I hope we get a chance to meet.

Best Wishes, Nic.

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