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People who decide to work from home have to be especially vigilant not to get taken in by work at home scams.

Here are five tips to avoid getting caught out

Never pay any money up front. This can be for equipment costs, training, or any other expenses. A real company will not charge you any money. Occasionally a company will require you to pay for your own training period, but this money will be deducted from your first few wages.

Be wary of jobs that offer ridiculous wages. If a company is offering you way more for a job than you would ever have expected to get, then the chances are it isn’t legitimate.

Does the website offer testimonials? If a website has fantastic reviews from the people who work from home for that company, it’s a scam. Testimonials are used to sell things.

By the same taken, will the company provide references if asked. If you send them an email explain you are naturally cautious because of scammers, and ask for a reference, a genuine company will be able to provide several. And they won’t be as blatantly written as a testimonial.

If you’re still wary, but you haven’t found a reason not to trust them, try checking the whois website. This is a directory based site that lists who owns which domain name and what company is what.

Good luck finding the right opportunity for you, and trust your instincts.

If you think something seems wrong, chances are it is.

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