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Regardless of where you are, people are making note of your every action.

They are looking beyond your dressing style or on how you flaunt your general knowledge. Their primary focus is the way you conduct yourself in front of them—your gestures, posture, and eye contact. Displaying the perfect and optimal body language is critical for everyone, as that is what will get them into interviews and land a job.

Once working, your body language will push you in front of the lines to get a promotion and it will get you noticed by your superiors. People who have yet to develop the perfect body language skills should learn them now. Start practicing the following body language at and outside of work:

1.     Perfect Your Handshake

When you first meet someone new, you extend your hand forward to shake his or her hand. The way you grip someone’s hand says a lot about you, and is the first impression people receive about you. You need to shake their hand firmly, as sloppy handshakes leave a bad impression. You need to perfect your handshake because it comforts people and lets them know you are a confident and honest person.

2.     Maintain a Steady Eye Contact

When you are talking to someone, you need to look at him or her right in the eye. It is similar to a staring contest, except you are blinking. How would you like it if you were talking to a friend and he or she was looking elsewhere? You would think of it as rude. People who do maintain eye contact throughout the conversation will exhibit qualities of trust, sincerity, and openness.

3.     Be Conscious of Your Facial Expressions

You have to be extra careful not to wrinkle your forehead when you are talking and answering a question. Wrinkling your forehead promotes the look of puzzlement and confusion. Instead, you need to slightly lift up your chin, smile, and nod throughout the conversation. Practice talking in a mirror to note your many facial expressions in order to become more aware about the ones you should never use.

4.     Stay in Your Space

People do not welcome people who have a habit of talking to someone from a very close proximity. You need to put a little distance between you and the other person you are talking to because if you do not, they will tune you out. How would you feel if you were almost touching noses with someone? In your mind, you were probably hoping for them to go away.

5.     Do Not Move Your Hands all Over the Place

You need to keep your arms to side and your feet still. If you have a habit of tapping the table with your fingers and moving your feet while sitting down and talking, quit them. To people, it will look like you are nervous or stressed even though you are not.

If you want to be successful at your next job, interview, or meeting, remember to work on your body language first.

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