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The internet is flooded with work at home systems for entrepreneurs. The problem is that many of these listings are scams that are just trying to take your money for software or a book that lacks helpful advice.

Luckily, you can avoid the scammers if you look for the right evidence. Here are some ways to determine whether or not home business opportunities are legitimate.

Writing Jobs

One of the more credible work at home jobs is writing for a platform such as Work at Home Mums. The site allows mothers as well as fathers to blog about being a parent. It’s easy because you are getting paid to tell your story without needing to spend time doing research. It is ideal work for people with disabilities or who live in rural areas where job opportunities are scarce.

By doing a quick check at Alexa you will see that it’s a fairly popular website when you consider there are close to 200 million websites in the world. A website that’s just a scam will likely not maintain high rankings because bad reviews will get around in forums.

Scams are Usually Obvious

Most online scams are easy to detect because they are so blatantly ridiculous with exaggerated claims on how to get rich quick. These scams paint the picture that if you join a system or purchase a product you will be on your way to becoming wealthy. Sometimes it’s a multi-level marketing scheme, but many times it’s just someone promising a lifetime of comfort while delivering practically nothing for a price.

Ads with big bold red letters are often designed to attract attention. The best way to judge if it’s a legitimate company is to test the domain at and see what type of feedback the site gives, based on reviews. See if the rating is closer to a positive score of 100 or a negative score of zero.

Clear Communication

Be perceptive of communication that answers your questions. Legitimate home opportunities usually do not require you to pay anything while being upfront how the job pays you instead. Look for a Q and A page on the website. If the ad never mentions a website or phone number that you can contact, then consider other home business opportunities. The offer needs to be clear about how much money you will make and how often you will be paid.

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