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“Working parent” is a phrase that defeats our dreams of doing more than one thing with our lives.

It implies that we are parents first, but — thanks to the injustices of the socioeconomic systems in which we’re trapped — we have to go to work, leaving our children to forage for food scraps and education in the dumpsters behind Whole Foods.

Through that phrase, we resign ourselves to the dominant work-life balance paradigm — to the idea that if we can’t have it all, we’ll settle for nothing instead.

Part 1 >> Finding fulfillment in both work and parenting sounds like a worthwhile mission to you, read on. It’s hard work, but HuffingtonPost will break it down into simple steps:

Part 2 >> Don’t be fooled by any simple list of steps to personal effectiveness. Behind each of these is a WHOLE LOT of hard work. This journey ain’t for the faint-hearted or lazy. But that’s not you, is it? Didn’t think so. Read on

Part 3 >> Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. You might trade stability of income for flexibility of schedule, or time with family for benefits that take care of them

Part 4 >> Coming Soon


  1. Know your work-life style. Do you like to integrate work with the rest of your life, separate work from the rest of your life, or do you like to switch focus back and forth as needed?
  2. Know your work-life options. In today’s world of work, there are more choices than just working outside the home or staying home with the family.
  3. Get smart. Regardless of your work-life style and your particular work arrangement, you can make the most of your circumstances with a few simple tricks.

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