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Do you have a Facebook account? LinkedIn or Twitter? If so you have a perfect way of networking through your friends to meet important people in companies they work for, and even trying to find yourself a job.

Facebook and Twitter can help connect you to people you want to work with, however you want to be careful about your post and comments because they may look at personal posts and pass judgement.

The safest way to network for jobs currently is through LinkedIn. You can connect to a friend, and request to connect to one of their friends. You can post all about your skills and successes for people to see. Sometimes hiring managers will go through the social sites such as LinkedIn trying to recruit people they see fit for the positions they are hiring for.

Create an account and test it out. You never know if someone is hiring for a position you would be perfect for and they happen to come across your profile wanting to contact you for the job. It can’t hurt you, only help you in your journey to better your life, and get to a better career.

Sharing is caring!