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Admit it! If you are as hopeless as me, when you started working at home, one of the things you started neglecting is your health. You probably think that you’re no longer as stressed and that your health is pretty much in great shape. Think again girls. We might not be as healthy as we think and we surely don’t want to let ourselves go, do we?

Truth be told, work-at-home mums are in the best position to take care of their health. You can sneak in a few minutes to do activities without fear of the boss breathing down our necks. You don’t even have to go the gym to do strenuous workout. Best of all, most of these health tips are cheap or free!

1. Play with your kids

No exercise regimen would ever compare to playing with your kids. Not only it is good for the heart, it’s also good for your soul. A Harvard study states that playing with your kids for an hour can burn as much as 356 calories. Playing child games like hop-scotch or jacks can burn as much as 444 calories.

2. Get your vitamins

Just like their kids, mums should regularly take  vitamins to stay healthy.Although a balanced diet ensures that you get all the necessary nutrients, the fact is,  sometimes we really forget to eat a balanced meal. Some of the most important vitamins that you must take are vitamin C (to boost your immune system), vitamin E (to fight off free radicals), and calcium (for stronger teeth and bones).

And don’t forget to get some vitamin D. Step out the house into the garden for a few minutes and soak in the sun’s rays. The best time to do this in between 6 AM to 8 AM when the sun is not so bright. Remember that staying out too long may cause sunburn – so slip, slop slap.

3. Stretch it baby

Many work-at-home mums stay on the computer all day long. That’s a no-no! Take a short break for every hour you spend in front of the computer to do stretching exercises. Yo can keep the blood flowing by wiggling your toes, shaking your hands, and massaging your neck.

4. Clear your mind

Take a few minutes off to clear your mind. Work-at-home mums tend to think of too many things at once that they sometimes suffer from information overload. It’s important that mums take some time off to clear their minds by meditating, taking a short walk, or just doing nothing. This makes sure that you don’t lose your focus and that you don’t spread yourself too thinly.

5. Remember to eat properly

Don’t make it a habit to eat in front of the computer or eating while working. Eating too quickly may cause indigestion and you certainly don’t want that to happen. If it’s meal time, do yourself a favor by eating properly at the dining table. Make it a habit to dine with your family for some bonding time. Occasional snacks are fine to give you an energy boost but never skip meals because you’re working.

I admit I fail to follow one or two health tips but just like any mum, I’m a work in progress. But I always remember that working at home doesn’t give me the license to neglect my health.

Take care of your health and body; we only get once chance at it.

Sharing is caring!