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I write this as a wannabe entrepreneur. I have my sights set high, my heart set on never returning to the daily office grind, my mind set on my goal.

There is just one thing that stands between me and my home business dream.

Procrastination, anyone?

Setting up a home business is the dream for many: who wouldn’t want to roll out of bed into their office, coffee in hand, home comforts just a room away, children looked after? Visions abound of tapping contentedly on the computer in a gleaming home office, while well-behaved angels quietly look after themselves in the other room. Chatting to contented clients, who always pay on time, and increasing profit and productivity by the week. Nay – by the day.

The reality, sadly, is somewhat more flawed. My “office” still doubles as a boxroom, despite my daily vows to finally delve in and clear them out. Cartons of office equipment bought in the first optimistic rush I experienced while planning my business venture remain half-opened. I occasionally glance in there and am baffled at some of the things I picked up. (Really, as a sole trader, do I need a telephone message pad? Who is going to be taking these messages – the cat? As for the various financial records and spreadsheet books, the less said about them the better.)

Meanwhile, after I have waded through the debris and reached my desk, there is so much to do: there are Facebook and Twitter statuses to update, photos to browse, online forums to contribute to, gossip websites to peruse, emails to answer.. It never ends.

Then, of course, there is the nagging guilt that, as I am home all day, I should really have the house looking spic and span by the time my significant other gets home from work. And a meal on the table of course – perhaps I could try a new recipe every day this week? If Nigella can do it, surely so can I. But these things take time: suddenly in a house-cleaning frenzy, I find the afternoon has whittled down to nothing by the time evening falls, and it is time to log off, my entrepreneurial spirit slightly beaten, but buoyed by optimism that tomorrow will be different.

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