For many women, our career development can sometimes take a backseat to our family’s or spouse’s needs. For many though, there is still a burning desire to progress which despite being pushed aside at times, is hard to ignore for long. But between balancing an already full plate, how can this possibly happen? Before you try and figure out strategies to suppress that career progression desire, have you considered online education?

Australian universities are beginning to recognise that in our jam packed, digital based lives, enrolling in traditional university courses that requires attending lectures at any given time is not always possible. No matter how strong the driving factors are. This revelation has resulted in a spike in online education offerings, not just from small players offering ambiguous courses, but from some of the most prestigious universities in Australia who now offer some courses that are highly in demand.

Griffith University is an example of a prestigious, Queensland based university that has opened up its highly sought after Master of Business Administration (MBA) course as an online offering. The Griffith Online MBA can help those juggling busy personal lives as well as busy work schedules, with its 100% online content and flexible learning style. The course is broken down into one unit per six week teaching block, making it easier to squeeze into your life, and with six intakes per year, you can start almost whenever you’re ready.

Griffith’s MBA is unique in that it has the philosophies of sustainable business practices entrenched into its teachings, creating a new breed of business owners with a heightened social conscience. For those of us who care about leaving the world in a better state than it is currently, this is a major draw card, as well as the obvious benefits to future employers or for your own business.

Studying online provides the flexibility needed to make further education accessible to so many more people, and with only two years of study in your own time this online MBA could be the viable solution busy women with dreams of climbing the corporate ladder fast have been waiting for.

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