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Global Sisters, a not for profit organisation, has launched with a unique approach that encourages and supports financially excluded women to become financially independent through self-employment. Through use of technology and business coaching, Global Sisters is offering end-to-end support to develop successful women’s micro business.

In Australia, 14 percent of women are living below the poverty line, and 1.5 million experience financial exclusion. Global Sisters believes that every woman should have the opportunity to be financially independent.

Sister School: a practical business education program provides business coaching and expert support to help Sisters get a business off the ground.

Marketing & Sales: in addition to the online store, Global Sisters provides access to a business directory, marketing tools, and sales channels and opportunities including corporate and home selling events.

Microfinance: provision of affordable, accessible and safe micro business loans, and also on the agenda is provision of micro insurance to protect businesses.

Technology: the Global Sisters technology platform is key in reaching women far and wide, efficiently and economically.

Source: Kochies Business Builders



Sharing is caring!