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I was a pretty wise child, if I do say so myself. I was insightful, loved watching people, loved reading, collecting knowledge, and was pretty sensitive to what was going on in the heads of those around me.

Unfortunately, it all pretty much fell apart when I hit my teens, hormones kicked in, and I discovered Passion Pop, boys and parties. So ensued a few years when I was a nightmare for my mum in my own angst-ridden mindset to be around.

As an adult, I think I am somewhere in the middle of my wise-child and horrendous-teen years, but my mind does often wander to questioning what me as a small person would think of me as a fully-grown person.

Am I doing what I dreamed I would be doing, acting how I thought it was right to act, and being who I wanted to be? It can be daunting, going there, let me tell you, but pretty good for giving guidance too – sometimes.

For example, there was a time there for a while it was my dream to be a fireman and ride a fire truck to work: for obvious reasons, there is little I can do about not realising that particular ambition. I also had aspirations to be an infant’s teacher, but an aversion to hearing “Good Morning Miss Gibbs” and playground duty whilst high school work experience, and a fail In English put an end to that. As for my conviction that I would marry Cameron Daddo or Matthew McConnaughy, well, geography just wasn’t on our side: if it was, who knows?

But other things: I wanted to have a cleaner, a big house in the countryside overlooking the beach, lots of animals, adoring and well behaved children, a handsome husband, be a entrepreneur and an all round Good Person.

Well, my politically correct leanings now veto a cleaner of any sort (I hired one once and spent the day before her arrival tidying up so I wasn’t embarrassed).

I still aim for that house in the countryside, and have edged from city to suburbia, so maybe I am getting closer.

I have a cat and a once has a bird which flew away, which is enough so far, frankly, but still harbour an odd longing to have chickens and a horse.

My children hopefully think I am ok – my partner is handsome too. I am an aspiring self employed Mumpreneur, albeit not a famous one, and I like to think I am kind, honest and thoughtful.

I reckon Young Me would give me about a B. Room for improvement, but not too bad.

Sometimes it’s good to check in with the precocious child within: they might be the only ones who can give you the true, honest assessment we all need sometimes.

Sharing is caring!