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FREE WEBINAR:  The 5 Steps to Ditch Your Day Job and Transition Into a Profitable, Freedom-Based Business

Hey Mums – Do you want to start a business?

I am so grateful now that I get to spend my life doing work I love. But it wasn’t always this way, I made some very strategic plans over the last few years that allowed me to get to where I am today.

Problem is, I get a ton of emails from women who want to quit their day jobs too, but don’t know where to start. I hear almost daily from women who want to start their dream business, but they have so many excuses for not starting.

Health benefits and mortgages, right?

I hear from mums all over the world who have a passion in for  wanting to ditch their day jobs and work from home but don’t have any extra cash. I have heard it all and trust me, I had those same worries too! Why give it all up to start your own gig? It’s bloody hard work.

I will tell you why:

1) To have freedom to work when you want to work
2) To have a purpose in life and live a life of meaning
3) To stop the stress and find a happier balance


Sound like a life you want?

You are in luck because my (expert colleague/friend/coach) Anna Runyan (Forbes has named her website a Top 35 Most Influential Career Site), has created a FREE webinar to help you determine how and when to make your exit so you can finally launch your dream business you’ve been talking about. It’s called: The 5 Steps to Ditch Your Day Job and Transition Into a Profitable, Freedom-Based Business, and you can join right here!

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If you want to learn how to create a plan to exit corporate life and have more freedom and flexibility doing work you love, I recommend that you attend this webinar first.  It’s about time we learn what mistakes NOT to make, change our mindsets and conquer our money fears, and the webinar addresses all three. Click here to sign up. 

And please, if you know of someone who has some worries and doubts but desperately wants to start a business that makes them feel alive, then share this email and encourage them to join as well and did I mention it is FREE. 

The more people who are doing work they love, the better off we all are. Let’s do this! 


Let me show you the Corporate Rescue Plan

On the webinar you will learn:

check-mark-3-64How to determine how and when to make your exit

check-mark-3-64The biggest mistakes people make when they leave their day jobs to start their own businesses

check-mark-3-64How much money you need to have saved and how to make it

check-mark-3-64Little known, easy strategies to work less and make more by being your own boss (It’s time to control your destiny!)

check-mark-3-64My FREEDOM System: A 5-step system to help you ditch your day job and transition into a profitable, freedom-based business.


This webinar is for you if: 

1) You are stuck in a rut and desperately need a career change

2) You want to be your own boss and are sick of working your 9-5 or sick of the corporate environment and not having your ideas heard and implemented

3) You want to work less and make more


Who is Anna?

who is anna classy career girl

Meet the Founder of Corporate Rescue Plan™, and your personal dream business launcher:

Introducing my colleague Anna Runyan, Creator of a Top Forbes Career site,, bestselling author, international speaker, Expert Career Coach on The Muse and (most importantly) wife, mum and daughter.

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Yep, it’s a rollercoaster ride of work-life balance but your benefit is this: when it comes to making big dreams happen in a very short amount of time (while juggling babies, day jobs and growing businesses) she knows her stuff.  She has mentored and coached thousands of women and was even invited to a Global Leadership Forum in Brazil to provide business mentoring to young women. Her expertise has also been featured in the pages of People StyleWatch, Forbes, Yahoo Finance, San Diego Union Tribune and Bloomberg Businessweek.

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