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It is time to LOVE your work again >> FREE Webinar: Ditch your dead end job and find a career you LOVE


Do you wake up dreading going to a job you hate? Maybe you dread seeing your boss or doing the same boring thing everyday. Maybe you have co-workers that drive you nuts! Whatever the reason…quitting might not be an option while you search for a career that fits you better.


I don’t want to sugarcoat it and pretend like it’s fun. It’s definitely not! So while you plan your exit route, my (expert colleague/friend/coach) Anna Runyan (Forbes has named her website a Top 35 Most Influential Career Site), has created a FREE webinar to help you get out of the job search cycle and create a clear job search action plan.

You will learn the 5 most common mistakes job searchers are making right now and the Love Your Career Formula Job Search Action Plan. It’s called: The 8 Steps to Determine Your Calling and Ideal Career Fit

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If you want to figure out your next step in your career path and start getting more calls back after submitting your resume online, I recommend that you attend this webinar first. It’s about time we learn what mistakes NOT to make, change our mindsets, stop the stress and conquer our fears, and the webinar addresses all four. Click to sign up.

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And please, if you know of someone who has some worries and doubts but desperately wants to find a career they love that makes them feel alive, then share this email and encourage them to join.

The more people who are doing work they love, the better off we all are. Let’s do this!


You are invited to a FREE virtual job search online workshop designed to give you a taste of Love Your Career Formula 2.0, the most comprehensive job search course on the market.

My promise: This one hour will be the most powerful, productive hour of your career. Period


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