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Help your staff achieve a work-life balance. What are flexible working arrangements?

Flexible working arrangements can include:

  • Flexible location – for example, working from home or somewhere else more convenient, instead of the office.
  • Flexible hours – for example, changing start or finish times to accommodate personal or family commitments.
  • Flexible patterns – for example, working longer days to provide for a shorter working week.
  • Flexible rostering – for example, split shifts.
  • Benefits of flexible working arrangements
  • Giving your employees the flexibility they want, while still ensuring your business needs are met, can help you create a positive workplace.

By improving work-life balance for your staff, flexible arrangements can help you:

  • improve staff morale, motivation and productivity
  • become an employer of choice
  • reduce staff turnover and absenteeism
  • reduce staffing costs.

Want more information?

  • Check out the Fair Work Ombudsman’s website for more on Employee entitlements.
  • For tips on other ways you can meet the needs of your employees, visit the Employ people topic.

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