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The hardest part of finding your first homebased job is simply knowing where to start. Here are five likely possibilities for busy work at home mums.

Data entry positions

The pay generally depends on the volume of data and how fast you’re expected to enter it. Remuneration is usually unspectacular, though a fast and accurate data entry worker can make some useful extra cash. Don’t beleive all the hype out there, data entry jobs from home are very rare.

Telesales and call centre jobs

If you have a reliable Internet connection and a great phone manner, home-based sales jobs can be very rewarding. As well as sales, other call centre positions such as customer service are now outsourced to homeworkers.

Online Tutoring

For WAHMs with university degrees, tutoring students online can be a very lucrative option. The degree requirement may be waived in some circumstances (for instance, if you have a demonstrable background in a desirable subject, if you’re an undergraduate student yourself or if you have teaching experience).

Medical Transcription

If you’re a fast typist and can accurately transcribe audio into text, you might find that medical transcription suits you. You can find medical transcription work online, often through agencies; you could also try calling local doctors’ surgeries and asking if they need medical transcription services.

Freelance Writing and Editing

You can find freelance writing work through content studios, via writers’ job boards and through small ads sites. Those seeking writing work in the UK, US, Canada, New Zealand or Australia will need a high level of English.The better your English, the higher the pay you can command. Pitching article ideas will generally get you better rates, though you’ll need to persevere in the face of repeated rejection. Sticklers for pristine grammar could also look for copyediting work.

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