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Many full time working mothers seek part time work. For a lot of working mums, part time work is so hard to find, particularly within the current employment market.

Here are a few very simple steps you may take to find some part time work that will meet your lifestyle needs.

Determine exactly how many hours you are able to commit to work.  Part-time work for mothers can consist of many flexible working patterns and various time frames. For example, school hours, after hours or alternate days.

A common gripe I hear often is that school hours are generally the most difficult to find.  Ask your Employer would it be possible to work 20 hours weekly over three days? In certain professions, like nursing, you may have the ability to work one long shift weekly.

It may be hard to transform your present career before kids into part time employment for example if you are a Lawyer.  Nevertheless, you might be in a position to negotiate some flexibility and work some time from home.  With all of your wisdom and experience consider leaving the corporate world and move into a more adaptable employment into a boutique firm that is family friendly.

Determine how your child care will be arranged.  You must research the types of child care available and is likely to be accessible for you. Consider Family Day Care as an option.

It could be a weekend job or after hours which will best fit your needs, in that case your husband can be with the children while you work.

Sell yourself. Let your friends and family know you are back on the market and seeking a part-time job.  Keep in touch with former co-workers. Speak to other Mothers on social media or from Mothers Groups.

Reinvent and recharge yourself. Freshen up your CV, put a colour in your hair, get your toes done, paint your nails, that always makes me feel good.

Start by looking for work on niche job boards and set up some job mail alerts

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