Given the boom time in the real estate market, there are so many agents and each of them needs to stay front of mind so they need to engage in social and digital marketing.

Indeed, the strength of property and real estate portals like and is making it even harder for real estate agents to stand out from their competitors – WHY. That is unless they do their own digital marketing and have their own website and Facebook page. That’s where the social media marketing course at EzyLearn can help Work at Home Mum’s and Dad’s earn a lucrative income using Facebook.

Steve Slisar and his team at EzyLearn have created a Social Media and Digital Marketing course demonstrating tools and strategies he used to help turn EzyLearn into a successful international online-only training business. Steve and his team also helped Derek Farmer, a McGrath Real Estate agent based in Sydney’s Cammeray, reach Page 1 on Google. The course takes students through Steve’s Digital Adoption Strategy (DAS) which is based on:

  • owning your own website
  • creating your own content
  • using your content and other people’s content to grow your brand
  • capture the email addresses of potential clients
    marketing to those clients with interesting information
  • Promoting posts or ads for your services
  • designing call-to-actions
  • remarketing your services to people who already know you, and more…

The Social Media Course shows you how to use all the different social media and online marketing tools as well as provide guidance and ways of creating and running a digital marketing campaign.

Earn performance based or hourly rate income

Most businesses like a fixed fee service so there are no nasty surprises – just think about mobile phone call plans in the past. A fixed monthly fee of about $250 is what real estate agents pay to have their Facebook Page updated every day. The alternative is to work on an hourly rate of between $35-$55 depending on your capabilities, experience and confidence. At either of these rates it’s a great way to do work you like, from your own home and for a local business that needs it.

Learn more about EzyLearn’s Social Media Course here

As a special offer to Work At Home Mums you can Learn Proven, Successful Digital and Social Media Strategies THAT WORK!

All of this is included for the price of $149 — and you get 12 month’s course access!

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