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Have you heard about AirTasker? You could earn up to $5,000 per month completing every day tasks. It is so cool

You’re the boss. You can work this from home


With over $3.5M of tasks posted every month on Airtasker there are lots of opportunities to earn money from home. More info here

Choose the tasks you’d like to complete for people that you’re happy to work with. Browse the range of tasks here


With the task payment securely held in an Airtasker Trust Account, you’re able to complete the task knowing payment will be made when you’re done.

Top Rated Insurance

When you complete tasks on Airtasker, you are covered by a $20 million insurance policy placed by Lloyd’s approved coverholder Savannah Insurance Agency Pty Ltd.

How to start earning


Browse tasks

Search for tasks nearby that match your skill set by using filtering for location, distance, completing in-peron vs. remotely, and by search keywords. Don’t forget to leave a comment to say why you’re the right person for the task.

Make an offer

It’s important to make sure your offer is at a fair price reflecting how much of time and what skills are required. This could be higher or lower than the task price. Just make sure you let the Job Poster know in the comments your reasoning. Search for tasks here

Complete the task and receive your payment

Communicate regularly throughout the task so that expectations are met. When completed, make sure you request the payment to be released and leave an accurate review for the Job Poster.


What type of tasks are available?There’s a huge range of tasks on Airtasker. From home-based tasks such as cleaning, gardening and handyman tasks; to office-based tasks, such as marketing, graphic design and web development tasks. There are also a bunch of interesting tasks as well, for example, wedding help, cake baking or costume making.

A Job Poster will let you know if the task needs to be completed in person or online.

Earn Money

Browse Marketing and Design

Browse Administration and Virtual Assistant


How do I get paid?You can start working on the task knowing that your payment for the task has been secured via an Trust Account from the Job Poster. When you complete the task and request payment, the Job Poster will be notified to release the task funds, which are seamlessly transferred to your nominated bank account.

Airtasker automatically includes a Service Fee when the payment is released to include variable transactional and insurance costs and also ongoing maintenance costs to continuously improve and develop the olatform, maximising your opportunity to earn more.


Who will I be working with?You’re your own boss, so it’s totally up to you! When browsing tasks, you can look at the Job Poster’s profile and past reviews to see if you would like to help them.

Is there insurance?Yes. When completing tasks on Airtasker, you’re covered by our $20 million insurance policy provided by Lloyd’s of London. Our insurance is provided to you at no additional cost. Learn more about Airtasker Insurance.

What are Airtasker Alerts?Don’t miss out on tasks by setting up an Airtasker Alert that sends you an instant notification when a task matches your skills.

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